Chapter-11 Provisions Relating to Ordinance

Chapter-11 Provisions Relating to Ordinance

Provisions Relating to Ordinance

49. Submission of Ordinance:

(1) The concerned Minister shall submit the Ordinance issued pursuant to Article 88 of the Constitution in sitting of the House after the issuance of the Ordinance.

(2) While submitting an Ordinance pursuant to Sub- rule (1), description of the circumstance and reasons leading to the issuance of such Ordinance shall also be stated.

50. Notice to Reject the Ordinance:

(1) The Member desiring to submit a motion rejecting an Ordinance shall have to give the notice thereof to the Secretary General or Secretary within three days of the submission of the Ordinance.

(2) While giving such a notice, the reasons for rejecting the Ordinance shall also be stated therein.

(3) In case more than one notice is submitted pursuant to Sub-rule (1), the notice of only one motion shall be selected through a mutual understanding and a lottery system.

(4) In case no notice to reject an Ordinance is submitted pursuant to Sub-rule (1), the Speaker shall permit the concerned Minister to submit the motion for approving the Ordinance.

51. Methods of Introducing Motion Rejecting the Ordinance:

(1) after being named by the Speaker, the Member submitting the notice may introduce the motion and while introducing such motion, he/she may give a statement having read out the contents of the motion.

(2) Any Member notifying the motion may authorize another Member to submit his /her motion with the permission of the Speaker.

(3) After being named by the Speaker pursuant to Sub- rule (1), the said Member may wish not to introduce the motion.

(4) if the motion not to submission by concerning Member, he/she shall be deemed to withdrawal .

52. Discussion on Motion Rejecting the Ordinance:

The Speaker shall fix time to have discussion on the motion rejecting an Ordinance and the concerned Minister shall give replies to the questions raised during the discussion at the end of the discussion.

53. Decision on Motion Rejecting the Ordinance: After the  Minister gives replies pursuant to Rule 52; the Speaker shall  submit the motion to the House for decision.