Schedule-16 (Relating to Rule 38)

(Relating to Rule 38)

Oath of Office

I, ……………………………….. , do hereby swear in the name of
God/solemnly re sol ve that I shall perform the functions and duties
assigned to me a s in the capacity of an expert at the Commission to the
best of my knowled ge, consc ience and with sense of honesty,
benevolence and dutifulness and without fear or favour or malice or
greed and being subjected to the prevailin g law. I shall not disclose or
indicate e ither directly or indire ctly any confidential matter that I come
to know in the course o f per formin g my duty to any one other than the
authorized person in any situation irrespective of whether or not I
rema in in the service contract.
Details o f the person takin g oath Person certifyin g the
administer in g o f oath of office
Name : – Name : –
Signature : – Signature : –
Date : – Date : –
Designat ion: –