Chapter – 3 Conservation Area Management Committee

Chapter – 3 Conservation Area Management Committee

Chapter – 3

Conservation Area Management Committee

8. Constitution of the Conservation Area Management Committee:

(1) The concerned conservation officer shall constitute a conservation area management committee in each Village Development Committee within the Conservation Area for the effective implementation of the construction works related to the community development activities in the Conservation Area, protection of the natural environment of that area and management program related to the balanced utilization of natural heritage, consisting the following
members :-

(a) Chairperson of the concerned Village Development Committee – Member
(b) The persons who have been selected by he local consumers among themselves at the rate of one person from each ward – Member
(c) Five persons who have nominated among the local consumers by the Conservation Officer – Member

(2) The Conservation Officer while nominating the member shall nominate by making the representation of the women, backward caste and social activists.

(3) The members of the committee shall select a Chairperson and a Secretary among themselves.Provided that, The Ex-official members may not be selected in the post of Chairperson and Secretary.

(4) The tenure of the officials and members of the committee shall be for Five years.

9. Function, Duty and Power of the Committee: The function, duty and power of the committee shall be as followings:–

(a) To submit a work plan to the Chief through the Conservation Officer after preparing it for the protection of the natural environment, community development, development of natural heritage and its balanced management within own area.
(b) To collect fees for, fishing, consuming of forest products,pasturing animal or using natural resources pursuant to these Rules and also to provide a license.
(c) To provide the description or data (statistics) that has to be required for the Chief or Conservation Officer.
(d) To operate the various creative activities for the prevention of the calamity like landslide and soil-erosion,protection of the forest products, conservation of natural resources and wildlife, environmental cleaning and community development of the consumers.
(e) To follow or make to follow the directions given in time and again by the Chief and Conservation Officer.

10. Meeting of the Committee and Procedure:

(1) The meeting of the Committee shall be held at least six times in a year, not exceeding more than two months of the gap.
(2) The meeting of the Committee shall be called by the Secretary on the date, time and place prescribed by the Chairperson.
(3) The meeting shall be chaired by the Chairperson and in his/her absence by a member selected by the members among themselves.
(4) The quorum for the meeting shall be deemed fulfilled if at least fifty percent of the members have been attended.
(5) The decision of the meeting shall be made by the majority vote and if the vote equally divided, the person presiding the meeting shall give the decisive vote.
(6) The decision of the meeting shall be certified by the Secretary.
(7) The Chairperson shall invite any person, as per the need, as an observer at the meeting of the Committee.

11. Subcommittee May Be Constituted:

(1) The Committee as as per the necessity may constitute sub-committees to carry out its function in a properly managed way.
(2) The function, duty and power of the sub-committee constituted pursuant to Sub-rule (1) shall be as prescribed by the Committee.

12. Dissolution of the Committee :

(1) The Conservation Officer may dissolve any Committee in the following situations :–
(a) If any function performed contrary to the Management Work Plan.
(b) If the function, duty and responsibility that has to be performed as pursuant to Rule 9, has not been performed or being unable to be performed.
(c) If any function or activity has been made against the Act or these Rules.
(d) If the Conservation Officer believed on the matter that the Committee has not fulfilled its responsibility by any reason which has been given to it or not performed any function against the interest of the local consumers or not being able to protect the interest of the consumers.

(2) If any Committee has to be dissolved pursuant to Sub-rule(1), the Conservation Officer may make alert or give direction in written to such Committee by providing reasonable time period for making corrections. It shall be the duty of such Committee to follow the matters of made alert or given direction by the Conservation Officer. If the Committee failed to follow such given directions, the Conservation Officer may suspend or dissolve such Committee.

(3) If any Committee has been dissolved pursuant to Sub-rule (1),the Conservation Officer shall again constitute another Committee.