Chapter – 5 Prohibited Activities Within Conservation Area

Chapter – 5 Prohibited Activities Within Conservation Area

Chapter – 5
Prohibited Activities Within Conservation Area

16. Prohibited Activities within Conservation Area :

(1) No person shall be allowed to perform the following activities within the Conservation Area without taking written permission from the Chief :–

(a) To hunt the wildlife.
(b) To cut, fall down, remove, block the tree, plant,bush or any other forest products, to perform any activities which destroy the forest product or to set on fire or to make harm in any other way.
(c) To excavate mine, to extract stone or to remove any mineral, stone, concrete, soil or other similar material.
(d) To harm to the wildlife, birds or public land.
(e) To take along with or to use the weapon, arms and ammunition, or poison.
(f) To use the electric current in the flowing river, a rivulet or any water source within the Conservation Area.
(g) To land the helicopter or other similar airplane, to disembark or drop human beings or any objects from it.

(2) Among the prohibited activities pursuant to Sub-rule (1), the Chief may give exemption for doing some activities as not prohibited in any areas or parts within the Conservation Area.

17. May Be Prohibited:

(1) If any activity that has been conducted or to be conducted within or outside of the Conservation Area has adversely impacted or possibility of impact on the land use, public health, Natural environment and in the conservation of natural resource of the Conservation Area; the Chief or the Conservation Officer may issue an order to the concerned person to stop such activity immediately or to make reform on it.

(2) While issuing an order as pursuant to Sub-rule (1) the Chief or the Conservation Officer shall clearly mention the reasons for issuing such order and the reform that has to be made.

18. Damage Not to Be Made : No one shall be allowed to damage to the public road, bridge, house, office, building, fence, marks and sign or any other goods and objects within the Conservation Area in any manner.

19. An Admission Card and a Permit Shall Be Taken :

(1) If a foreign citizen desires to enter into the Conservation Area, he/she shall take an Admission Card, as prescribed in Schedule– 2 by paying the fees pursuant to Schedule – 1, from the Head Office or the office prescribed by the Head Office.
(2) The Admission Card received pursuant to Sub-rule (1) shall be valid for only one time entrance.
(3) A person desiring for fishing inside the Conservation Area shall take a permit as prescribed in Schedule – 3 by paying the fee pursuant to Schedule – 1.
(4) If anyone desires to shoot or make any cinema or documentary film within the Conservation Area, he/she shall take a permit as prescribed in Schedule – 4 by paying the fee pursuant to Schedule – 1 in the Head Office or the office prescribed by the Head Office.(5) If the Institution deems reasonable, it may exempt any fee,required to pay pursuant to these Rules, to any person, institution or body.

20. Prior Approval Shall Be Taken : If any person desires to conduct any activities relating to the scientific research in the Conservation Area,he/she may conduct it by taking a consent of the Chief. The Chief,while giving the consent, shall only give the consent with conditions or without condition by mentioning the subject and the time of the research.

21. License Shall Be Taken :

(1) Any person shall take a license as prescribed to Schedule-5 from the Chief, paying the fee prescribed by the Chief, before doing commercial or any other activity by utilizing the natural resources of the government owned land of the Conservation Area or doing commercial activity in private owned land causing impact on the natural resources of such Area.

(2) The Chief, while granting the license pursuant to Sub-rule (1)may prescribe necessary terms and conditions and the Chief may give an order to stop the activity by canceling the license if the terms and conditions not been followed or unable to follow.(3) While giving the license to perform any activities pursuant to Sub-rule (1), the local consumers shall be given the priority.

22. Service Business To Be Operated Within the Conservation Area :

(1) Any person by making a contract with the Institution, may operate a hotel, lodge, public transport or similar other service business in any land within the Conservation Area.
(2) Prior to make a contract pursuant to Sub-rule (1) the Institution may consult with the concerned Committee and Conservation Officer.

23. Privilege of Commuting In The Conservation Area : The Chief may prescribe the pathway by fixing the marks for people, domestic animal and means of transportation for maintaining the commuting facility that has been used by the general public from the past. While prescribing the pathway, he/she may prohibit to operate any vehicle or using commuting facility by making environment pollution within the Conservation Area.

24. The Institution or Government of Nepal Not To Be Liable : If any type of harm/damage or injury occurred to a foreign citizen or he/she had died, who has entered into the Conservation Area by taking an Admission Card, the Government of Nepal or the Institution shall not be liable for such harm/damage, injury or death.

25. The Fee Shall Be Submitted For the Utilization or Mobilization of the Natural Resource :

(1) The fee that has to be paid for the consumption of the forest product for the daily use from inside the Conservation Area, for grazing the animal or utilization of other natural resource shall be as prescribed by the Committee.
(2) The Committee shall take an approval of the Chief while prescribing the fee.
(3) The Committee shall give a license as prescribed in Schedule–6 to the person paying the fee pursuant to Sub-rule (1).