Chapter – 6 Financial Provision

Chapter – 6 Financial Provision

Chapter – 6
Financial Provision

26. The Income Made By the Committee Shall be of the Institution:

(1) All the fees collected by the Committee pursuant to these Rules shall be of the Institution.
(2) The all amounts earned by the Committee shall be deposited in the name of the Institution.
(3) The Institution shall make available the necessary amount to the Committee for the expenditure of various programs to be conducted according to the approved Management Work Plan and for administrative cost and the Committee shall deposit the amount in the bank convenient to it.

27. Remuneration: The Secretary of the Committee shall receive the remuneration as prescribed by the Chief.

28. Committees Account and Auditing:

(1) The account of the Committee shall be kept as prescribed by the Institution and the Secretary has the responsibility of keeping such account.
(2) The Chief or the Conservation Officer may see (observe) or inspect the functions, account and other concerned documents of the Committee at any time.
(3) The annual audit of the income and expenditure of the Committee shall be performed by a registered auditor appointed by the Institution.
(4) While making inspection pursuant to Sub-rule (2) or while making auditing pursuant to Sub-rule (3), if someone has found making misappropriation of the amount with the reckless or ill intention, the Institution may recover such amount of misappropriation or the damaged amount made to the Institution as a government due.

29. Operation of Bank Account: The operation of the bank account of the Committee shall be made by the joint signature of the Chair person and the Secretary and in the absence of the Chairperson of a Member.

30. Details of Income and Expenditure :

(1) The details of the monthly and annual income and expenditure of the Committee shall be sent regularly to the Conservation Officer.
(2) The Conservation Officer, on the basis of the details received from the Committees pursuant to Sub-rule (1), shall submit the details,mentioning the income and expenditure of all offices in such a way that it can be seen separately and jointly, to the Chief.