Schedule – 1 (Related to the Rule 19)

Schedule – 1 (Related to the Rule 19)

Schedule – 1

(Related to the Rule 19)


(A) Entrance fee for the conservation area (For the entry of a person) :
For Nepalese citizen Free
For the citizen of SAARC Countries Rs. 200.00
For other foreign citizens Rs. 2000.00
Note : No fee shall be charged for the children under ten years of age.

(B) Fishing Fees
For Nepalese citizen Rs. 50.00
For the citizen of SAARC countries Rs. 200.00
For other foreign citizens Rs. 500.00

(C) Vehicle Fees
(1) For the privileged pathway except the highway:

(a) For Car, Jeep, Bus, Tractor, Lorry or Truck up to 5 ton Rs. 50.00
(b) For Motorcycle and Tanga Rs. 10.00
(c) For the Helicopter landing (For each trip) Rs. 2000.00

(2) For other pathway of the Conservation Area :

(a) For any vehicle assembled with the motor engine Rs. 200.00
(b) For commercial vehicle (Jungle Drive) for the tour to the tourist Rs. 1000.00
(c) For a glider (with or without engine) Rs. 500.00

1 Amended by a notice published in a Gazette of date 2057/02/09 (……………….)
2(d) …………
3(e) Fees for the cinema (documentary film) shooting :

For Nepalese citizen Rs. 5,000.00
For the citizens of SAARC countries Rs. 25,000.00
For the citizens of other foreign countries Nepalese Rupees equivalent to US $ 1000.00

Note : – The Department shall deploy a Liaison Officer with the shooting team.
Note : – If an entry or any activity has been made in a concerned area without taking an admission card or license (permit) from the office prescribed by the Institution, the admission card or license (permit) shall be provided by taking a cent percent additional fees on the prescribed fees.