3. Formation of the Board:

(1) A Board to be named as Greater
Baraha Chhetra Development Board is, hereby, formed for the
development and protection of the Baraha Chhetra.
(2) The Board shall be formed as following:
(a) A person nominated by the Government of Nepal from amongst the person who is permanently residing at Baraha Chhetra -Chairperson
(b) Chairpersons of the District Development Committee of the Baraha Chhetra -Member
(c) Chief District Officers of the District Administration Office of the Baraha Chhetra -Member
(d) Chiefs of District Land Revenue Office of the Bahara Chhetra -Member
(e) Mayors or Chairpersons of the Municipalities and Village Development -Member Committees within the Bahara Chhetra
(f) Three persons nominated by the Ministry from amongst who have made important contribution in the development and conservation of the Bahara Chhetra with the representation of each district of the Baraha Chhetra along with at least One women -Member
(g) Pithadish of the Baraha Chhetra Ancient Haridwar Chataradham Acharya Pith Shree Radhakrishna Bhakti Sandhana Adhyatmik Partisthan (Academy) or representative of such Academy designated by him/her -Member
(h) Executive Director -Member Secretary
(3) Notwithstanding anything contained in Clauses (b), (c), (d) and (e) of Sub-section (2), the Chairpersons of the District Development Committee, Chief District Officers, Chief Land Revenue Officers, Mayors of the Municipality and Chairpersons of the Village Development Committee shall function as the member of the Board in one year term on rotational basis as designated by the Ministry from amongst the representatives represented from various districts as per said Clauses.
(4) The tenure of office of the chairperson and nominated members shall be Four years.
(5) Notwithstanding anything contained in Sub-section (4), if Chairperson or nominated member does not perform his/her function (duty) as per his/her post, Ministry may remove at any time. Provided that, an opportunity to defend himself/herself shall be provided to such member before removal of his/her post.