8. Fund of the Board

8. Fund of the Board:

(1) The Board shall have its own separate fund.
(2) The following amount shall be deposited in the fund pursuant to Sub-section (1).
(a) Amount received from the Government of Nepal,
(b) Amount to be deposited pursuant to Sub-section (2) of Section 19 of the Terms and Procedures for Adoption of Nepalese Children by Foreign Citizens, 2065 (2008).
(c) Amount received from any person or institution,
(d) Amount received from foreign government or person or international organization, institution,
(e) Amount received from other any sources.
(3) The Board shall have to take prior approval of the Government of Nepal before receiving the amount pursuant to Clause (d) of Sub-section (3).
(4) The fund shall be operated in the form of Revolving Fund.
(5) The Board shall have to deposit the amount to be credited in the Fund pursuant to Sub-section (1) in any commercial bank within Nepal by opening an account.
(6) All the expenditures to be expended in the name of the Board shall be borne from the Fund pursuant to Sub-section (1).
(7) Notwithstanding anything contained in Sub-section (6), an amount not exceeding ten per cent of total annual income of the Fund can be spent for the operation of office of the Board.
(8) The Fund of the Board shall be operated as prescribed.