Chapter – 11 Miscellaneous

Chapter – 11 Miscellaneous

Chapter – 11

Miscellaneous 78. Log Book :

(1) Each aircraft registered in the Kingdom of Nepal, shall maintain the up-to-date log book as following :-
(a) Journey log-book.

(b) Aircraft log-book.
(c) One engine log book in case of one engine Aircraft and separate engine log book for each engine in the aircraft having more than one engine.
(d) One pitch propeller log book in case of one pitch propeller aircraft and separate pitch propeller log book for each pitch propeller in the aircraft having more than one pitch propeller.
(e) Radio parts log book if having Radio Parts in the Aircraft.

(2) The power to issue a journey log book pursuant to Clause (a) of Sub-rule (1), shall be the Director-General and the power to issue other log books shall be the Director-General or authority prescribed by him/her.

(3) Other procedures and details relating to maintain and up to date the log book pursuant to Sub-rule (1) shall be as prescribed in Annex and Manual. 79. Order and Direction may be Issued: (1) Subject to the provisions of the Act and these Rules, the Department may issue necessary order or direction to the concerned body, organization and persons for the execution of Annex and Manual.

(2) While issuing an order and direction pursuant to Sub-rule (1), it may be issued particularly on the subjects as follows:-

(a) Matters relating to the registration and marking of the Aircraft.
(b) Matters relating to inspection of the Aircraft and providing certificate.
(c) Matters relating to the airport and the equipment, and other physical objects to be fixed in the Aircraft.
(d) Matters relating to the functions to the performed by the Private License holder in relations to the Crew, Aircraft Repairing and Maintenance and Air Traffic Controller.
(e) Matters relating to the operation of visual and Instrument flight.
(f) Matters relating to the establishment and operation of Air Traffic Control, Flight Information and Alerting Service.
(g) Matters relating to adopt the minimum safety measures as determined.
(h) Matters relating to providing information of air crash, making an investigation and floating of information relating to it.
(i) Matters relating to floating information about weather for the air flight operation.
(j) Matters relating to providing information in relation to Air traffic controller and Air Navigation System.
(k) Matters relating to fix the standard communication equipment in Air Navigation and determining the process of operation of such equipment,

(l) Matters relating to collection and flotation of information for the flight and operation of the Aircraft. 

80. Annex and Manual may be Enforced : The Department may enforce the Annex or any part of it, Manual and documents or any part of such Manual and document issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization on the basis of requirement and reason-ability with a view to make the Air Flight secure, regular and systematic.

81. Manual, Requirements and Directives may be Framed :

(1) The Department may frame Manual, Requirements and directives on the subjects mentioned in Schedule-3, not to be contrary to the Act and these Rules, taking into consideration that the National and International recognition for the execution of Rules, Annex, Manual and standard, prescribed by the International Organization in relation to Air Transport Service Operation.

(2) The provisions mentioned in the Manual, Requirements and Directives made pursuant to Sub-rule (1), shall be enforced to all the parties, relevant to the Air Transport Service Operation.

82. Recognition may be Provided : The Department may recognize and execute the Rules and standards prescribed by the International Organizations in relation to air flight and air service operation, until the Manual, Requirements and Directives pursuant to Rule 81 are farmed.

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85. Delegation of Power : Among the powers vested to the Director General pursuant to these Rules, the Director-General may delegate some power to the official under him.

86. ………………..

87. Repeal and Saving : Civil Aviation Rules, 2019 (1962) has been repealed and except otherwise provided in these Rules, all types of License, Rating and certificate provided pursuant to that Rules shall be considered to be provided pursuant to these Rules. In the matters written in these Rules shall be pursuant to these Rules and on the matters not written in these Rules shall be as mentioned in Annex and Manual.
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