8. Fund of the Board

8. Fund of the Board:

(1) There shall be a separate fund of the Board and the following amounts shall be deposited in the fund :-
(a) The amounts received from Government of Nepal.
(b) The amounts given by anybody or any organisation as donation or assistance.
(c) The amounts received from international associations or organisations, foreign Governments or persons.
(d) Any amount to be received for any service made available by the Board.
(e) Any grants received by the Board from the concerned Village Development Committee,  District Development Committee or any other bodies.
(f) Amounts received from other sources.
(2) The Board shall have to obtain approval from Government of Nepal prior to receiving the amounts under Clause (c) of Sub-section (1).
(3) The amounts to be kept in the fund of the Board shall have to be deposited in an account opened in any bank of Nepal.
(4) All the expenses to be incurred in the name of the Board shall be borne from the fund pursuant to Sub-section (1).
(5) The accounts of the Board shall be operated by the Chairperson or a Member specified by him/her.