Chapter-6 Provisions Relating to Partnership Forest

Chapter-6 Provisions Relating to Partnership Forest

  1. Partnership forest: (1) The Provincial Ministry may, for the following objectives and on recommendation of the Division Forest Officer, manage any part of the Government-managed forest as the partnership forest, as prescribed, in partnership between the Division Forest Office, Local Level and forest users:

(a)        To render contribution to the economy by making development and sustainable management of the forest,

(b)        To make supplies of forest products to the traditional users who live nearby or far from the forest area by getting such users to participate in forest protection activities,

(c)        To enhance the productivity of the forest area and utilize the open area,

(d)       To make improvement in the users’ livelihood.

(2)        The Division Forest Officer shall, in consultation with the Local Level and partnership forest users’ group as prescribed, prepare a work plan for the management of the partnership forest and submit it to the Province Forest Directorate, and the Province Forest Director may approve such a work plan.

(3)        It shall be the obligation of the Division Forest Office, Local Level and the partnership forest users’ group referred to in Section 24 to enforce the work plan approved pursuant to sub-section (2).

(4)        If the partners referred to in sub-section (1) fail to operate functions in accordance with the work plan or do any act which  causes significant adverse effect on the environment or fail to comply  with the terms and conditions to be complied with pursuant to this Act and the rules framed under this Act, the Provincial Ministry may terminate the management system of such partnership forest, and that forest shall be managed ipso facto as the Government-managed forest.

Provided that such users’ group shall be provided with a reasonable opportunity to submit its clarification, prior to making such decision to so cancel the registration of the user’s group and take back the partnership forest.

  1. Partnership forest users’ group may be formed: The concerned traditional users within the partnership forest management area may form a partnership forest users’ group to make necessary provisions on behalf of the users for the development and protection of the partnership forest and manage the forest products available to the users from such forest.
  2. Use, sale and distribution of forest products of the partnership forest: (1) The allocation of the timber, wood and non-timber forest products produced from the partnership forest shall be made as prescribed.

                        (2)        The partnership forest users’ group shall accord priority to internal consumption of the forest products available to the group from the implementation of the partnership forest management work plan, and may set aside only the remaining forest products for sending them outside the group.

(3)        The partnership forest users’ group shall spend at least twenty-five percent amount of the amount earned from the sale, distribution of forest products available to it from the partnership forest in the development, protection and management of the forest, and at least twenty-five percent of the remaining amount in poverty alleviation, women empowerment and entrepreneurship development activities, in coordination with the concerned Local Level.

                        (4)        The amount remaining after the expenditures made pursuant to sub-section (3) shall be used in the interest of the users’ group.