11. Programs to Implement the Forestry Sector Policy, 2000

11. Programs to Implement the Forestry Sector Policy, 2000

Institutional Responsibilities

The MFSC is responsible for monitoring the implementation of its policy. In its annual plans, the MFSC reports to the National Planning Commission on how policies have been applied in the field and how problems are being tackled. A complete, updated policy statement is presented in each Five-Year Plan.


Policy co-ordination among sectors is the responsibility of HMGN, and especially of the National Planning Commission. The MFSC initiates any necessary changes in legislation, and implements them in the field. The Master Plan for the Forestry Sector is then regularly updated to provide a holistic framework for systematic development.


Institutional Arrangements

The policy is implemented by formulating development programs. An organisational set-up in which functional responsibility is entrusted to various hierarchical levels helps to implement programs efficiently. Equally necessary is the issuance of legislation conducive to the implementation of each of the programs. Furthermore, it is of utmost importance that the right person is appointed to the right position, and that each position has the authority to function at its full potential. Finally, the appropriation of sufficient financial resources guarantees effective program implementation.