12. Programs of the Master Plan

12. Programs of the Master Plan

The Master Plan has identified six primary and six supporting development programs to implement the forestry sector policy.


12.1     Primary Development Programs

Community and Private Forestry

Aims to develop and manage forestry resources through the active participation of individuals and users’ groups who work to meet their basic needs.


National and Leasehold Forestry

Aims to develop and manage national forests through government agencies or through leases to the private sector, and to complement community and private forestry.


Development Of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and Non-wood Products

Aims to increase the supply of medicinal and aromatic plants and other non-wood products, and to facilitate their conversion into useful commodities and their distribution to local and foreign markets.


Development of Wood-based Industries

Aims to facilitate the conversion of wood into commodities needed by the people, and to contribute to economic development through industrialisation.


Soil Conservation and Watershed Management

Aims to protect land from degradation and conserve its value through the mobilisation of national and local resources.


Conservation of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Aims to protect special areas for the value of their ecosystems and biodiversity as well as for their provision of amenities and to promote the ex-situ conservation of plant and animal genetic resources.


12.2     Supportive Development Programs

Policy and Legal Reform

Aims to develop the policy and legal framework necessary to facilitate and enhance the contributions of individual people, communities, and institutions.


Institutional Reform

Aims to strengthen the organisational framework of the sector so that program implementation is more efficient and effective.


Human Resource Development

Aims to develop the capability of the personnel in the sector to implement forestry development programs and operations.


Forestry Research and Extension

Aims to strengthen the research and development capability of the forestry sector and to promote the utilisation of the results of research through demonstration, extension and public information.


Resource Information and Planning Assistance

Aims to develop a forest resource information system within the MFSC which is capable of generating surveys, inventories, and other information, and of processing management information for use in management planning and project formulation by the government and the private sector.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Aims to institutionalise a system for monitoring forestry development operations and their impacts and for processing various data into useful information to further guide development.