1. Preamble

As the volume of solid waste has increased together with the density of population, urbanization and industrialization it has been diversified in its nature also. Particularly this problem has found emerged in municipal corporation, municipalities and town oriented villages. It is desirable to have cooperation in local level of every citizen, group of people, industrial group and non-governmental organizations for the minimization of adverse effect of solid waste in environment and public health, having made its proper management.

As there is no proper statistics about the nature, volume, collection transportation and final disposal of different types of solid wastes generated in city area, three is not yet developed a concept of proper sanitation. Since there is lack of proper management of solid wastes, this problem is remained static as there is no growth of public awareness about the adverse effect in public health and environment as well as effort of the people for its control. This problem is being complex by the disposal system of different types of harmful wastes and other domestic wastes to be mobilized into any resources. Hence in this context, a national policy is formulated relating to the management of solid wastes.