3. Policy

3.1  To make the local bodies competent in the field of management work  of the solid wastes with their capacity to provide more skilled and  effective sanitation service.

3.2  To conduct public awareness promotion campaign in order to gather  huge public participation in the sanitation works.

3.3   To make involved non-governmental social organizations in the  sanitation works.

3.4  To develop sanitation concept on the basis of the appropriate  technology which would be suitable to the local, social and economic  environment.

3.5   To manage final disposal of solid wastes in accordance with their  volume and nature.

3.6    To mobilized the solid wastes as a source by its recycling and  processing.

3.7   To make the management works of the solid wastes economically self- reliant.

3.8  To privatize the management works of the solid wastes in the various    phases.

3.9 To encourage self-reliant sanitation works.

3.10   To operate program by the local bodies giving first priority to the   sanitation works.

3.11   To carryout various works in order to minimize the generation of the  solid wastes.