5. Institutional Arrangements

5. Institutional Arrangements

1 An Institution of National Level:

His Majesty’s Government shall build a national level institution for the management works of solid wastes with the following functions:

a) To select the management works of solid wastes on the basis of their quantity and nature produced in towns and villages where there is a problem.

b) To select the site for final disposal of the solid wastes having minimized pollution in the concerned area and to develop the concept of disposal.

c) To develop a concept of minimum generation of solid wastes on the basis of the nature there of in the concerned area.

d) To prepare appropriate criteria for the management of solid wastes on the basis of quantity of the solid wastes and their various nature, and also to co-ordinate with the different agencies implementing the same. To do environment impact study prior to select the site for final disposal. To assist the local bodies in the final disposal works of solid wastes, as per necessity.

e) To develop solid wastes management technology and concept suitable to local conditions and to provide consultancy services to the local bodies.

f) To determine the strategy for gathering public participation in the sanitation words.

g) To make suggestions to the local bodies to collect service charges with a view             to make sanitation service a reliable and economically self-reliant, having made detail study on it.

h) To develop skilled manpower to carryout solid wastes management works.

To make study and research on the various aspects of the solid wastes management.

j) To safeguard the health of the persons selecting various reusable goods from the solid wastes and to operate various income generation business with a view to make such work as business oriented.

k) To support, as per necessity, the self-reliant groups involved in the sanitation works.

l) To collect or cause to collect service charges for transportation of solid wastes up to final disposal site and for final disposal of such solid wastes by the private sector organization and any other agencies.

m) To support local bodies to develop manpower required for sanitation works.

n) To identify the equipment required for sanitation works and to suggest or assist the local bodies on the same.

o) To monitor and make evaluation of the various activities concerning solid wastes.

p) To prepare a strategy for discouragement of the production of non-biodegradable goods including plastic goods.

q) If it is found that the local body fails to carry out the management works of solid wastes under the accepted criteria and if environment pollution and adverse effect to the public health has been made, it may give necessary directives to the concerned local body for its prevention and the local body shall have to follow such directives.

r) To carry out such other works as His Majesty’s Government prescribes.

5.1    Local Level Institution:

There shall be a separate unit concerning sanitation works in each municipal corporation, sub municipal corporations, municipality and town-oriented village development committees where the management works of solid wastes has become a problem, and such a unit shall operate its works in close co-ordination with the national level institution concerning solid wastes management maintained by His Majesty’s Government. The responsibilities of such an institution shall be as follows:

a) To carryout collection, preservation, movement, site management, transportation and final disposal works of solid wastes by the local bodies having involved the private sector also, if necessary.

b) To mobilize the manpower and other means available in the local body at maximum.

c) To introduce the concept and criteria of sanitation accepted by His Majesty’s Government.

d) To involve non-governmental social organization in the sanitation works.

e) To collect service charges from the person or organization generating solid wastes on the basis of volume and nature of the solid wastes.

 f)        To punish or impose fine to a person who generates solid wastes in an unmanageable way and to use such amount in the sanitation works.