1. Urban: Urban areas referred in the policy shall be deemed to cover areas and settlements demarcated either by political boundaries or geographical boundaries, as defined by the Local Self Governance Act (1999), National Urban Policy (2007) and the Fifteen – Year Development Plan for the Small Town Water Supply and Sanitation Sector.
  2. Service Levels: Three categories of service levels have been defined based on the daily amount of water consumption, quality of supplied water, time period of daily supply and its reliability. The service levels in the Policy are defined hereunder:


Service LevelHighMediumBasic
Quantity (lpcd)> 10045 ‐ 100Up to 45
QualityWHO GuidelinesNational Water Quality Standards 2062


Rural Water Supply Quality Standards

defined under National Standards 2062

AccessibilityWithin the house (fully plumbed)Within the compound

(yard tap)

Within    100 meters walking distance (communal taps or yard taps)


Duration (hrs./day)ofsupply24244
ContinuityYear roundYear roundYear round