C098 – Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949 (No. 98)


Convention Concerning the Application of the Principles of the Right to Organize and to Bargain Collectively (Entry into force: 18 Jul 1951)


Adoption: Geneva, 32nd ILC session (01 Jul 1949)


The General Conference of the International Labour Organization, having been convened at Geneva by the Governing Body of the International Labour Office, and having met in its Thirty-second Session on 8 June 1949, and having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals concerning the application of the principles of the right to organize and to bargain collectively, which is the fourth item on the agenda of the session, and having determined that these proposals shall take the form of an international Convention, adopts this first day of July of the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-nine the following Convention, which may be cited as the Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949: