18. Fund and accounts

18.1 The Council may receive or provide donations from any sector, body or person within or outside Nepal for the purposes of the Trust. The Council itself………83 or through various committees and sub-committees formed pursuant to Sub-section 10.1.6 or any other bodies or persons may make contain and receive donations for such purposes.
18.2 Other necessary matters in relation to the receiving of donations shall be as determined by the Council.
18.3 The Fund shall consist of the following amounts:
18.3.1 Amounts provided by the Government of Nepal for the development of the Pashupati area;
18.3.2 Donations provided for the Fund by any sectors, bodies or persons within or outside Nepal;
18.3.2A. Amounts received from the incomes of all types of trust lands related with the Pashupati area, and the Lord Pashupatinath;
18.3.2B.  Amounts of gifts and offerings obtained from various temples within the Pashupati area;
18.3.3 Income earned from investments so made as to obtain maximum income and secure the same; and
18.3.4 Fees or amounts received in consideration for services provided by the Trust; and
18.3.5 Amounts and donations received from any other source.
18.4 For the convenience in its operation, the Fund may open accounts in any currency with any banks without or outside the State of Nepal, deposit money into such accounts and operate the same.
18.5 All the expenses to be made on behalf of the Trust shall be borne out of the Fund.