Chapter- 2 Class, Post and Office of Armed Police

Chapter- 2 Class, Post and Office of Armed Police

Chapter- 2
Class, Post and Office of Armed Police

3. Class and Post of the Armed Police:

(1) There shall be the following
classes in the Armed Police Service:
Gazetted Non-Gazetted
Special class First class
First class Second class
Second class Third class
Third class Fourth class.
(2) There may be following posts in the classes as referred to in
Sub-rule (1):
Gazetted Special class – Inspector General and Additional Inspector General of the Armed Police.
First class – Deputy Inspector General and Senior Superintendent of the Armed Police.
Second class – Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent of the Armed Police.
Third class – Inspector of the Armed Police. Non-Gazetted
First class – Senior Sub-Inspector of the Armed Police. – Deputy Inspector of the Armed Police.
Second class – Assistant sub-Inspector of the Armed Police.
Third class – Senior Constable of the Armed Police, Constable of the Armed Police and Assistant Police Constable of
the Armed Police.
Fourth class – Armed Police Personnel and Recruit

(3) There may also be different technical posts, peons or classless posts or equivalent thereto in different classes of the Armed Police service.

4. Offices and Chiefs of Office of Armed Police Force:

(1) There shall be the following chiefs of offices in the following offices of the  Armed Police Force:
(a) Armed Police Force Headquarters Inspector General of the Armed Police
(b) Armed Police Force  Training Institute Additional Inspector General of the Armed Police or Deputy Inspector General of the Armed Police
(c) Regional Armed Police Force Brigade Deputy Inspector General of the Armed Police
(d) Armed Police Force Training College Senior Superintendent of the Armed Police.
(e) Armed Police Force Ukti Training College Senior Superintendent of the Armed Police.
(f) Armed Police Force Special Task Force Superintendent of the Armed Police.
(g) Armed Police Force Assistance and Service Directorate
(h) Armed Police Force Battalion Deputy Inspector General of the Armed
Police or Senior Superintendent of the Armed Police
(i) Armed Police Force Training Center Senior Superintendent of the Armed Police or Superintendent of the Armed Police
(j) Armed Police Force Border Security Office Superintendent of the Armed Police
(k) Armed Police Force Gulm Deputy Superintendent of the Armed Police

(l) Other Armed Police Offices as may be  prescribed by the Government of Nepal from time to time
(2) The Government of Nepal may, by a Notification in the Nepal Gazette, make alteration in the offices and posts of chief of office as set forth in Sub-rule (1)