Chapter-12 Provisions Relating to Training

Chapter-12 Provisions Relating to Training

Chapter-12 Provisions Relating to Training

115. Provision of training:

(1) In order to make the Armed Police timely,  efficient and professional, the Armed Police shall, as per necessity, be
included in the trainings set forth in Schedule-5.
(2) In nominating the Armed Police appointed or promoted on the same date to any internal training, generally nomination shall be so made30 on the basis of seniority as to give equal opportunity.
(3) The provisions relating to training course, curricula, period, place of training, trainer and guest lecturer of the training for the Armed Police Officer and Armed Police shall be as prescribed by the Headquarters.
(4) If any Armed Police included in the training shows irresponsibleness and frustration towards own professional knowledge by showing recklessness in the training period, the contents thereof shall
be indicated in the records.
(5) Any Armed Police who is so indicated in the records pursuant to Sub-rule (4) shall again be given an opportunity for training for one time. Departmental action shall be taken against the Armed Police who shows frustration and irresponsibleness even in such training.

30 Inserted by the Fifth Amendment.

(6) After the completion of the training, the concerned training centre shall prepare the records regarding the conduct and character of trainees during the training period and also send a copy thereof to the  office as referred to in Sub-rule (2) of Rule 26.
(7) The daily and travel allowance of trainees of training for travel to and from the training centre shall be as prescribed in these Rules.
(8) Ration and allowance as per the prevailing scale shall be given by the concerned training centre to those trainees who are entitled to ration.
(9) In case of going to the training of up to Three months, the salary and allowance for that period shall be given in lump sum by the appointed office and in the case of going to the training of more than three months, a lump sum amount for three months shall be given in advance and the amount for the remaining period shall be sent through
the concerned training centre from time to time.
(10) Preliminary uniform, as per the scale, shall be distributed to all trainees of the training conducted for new entry.
(11) All trainees of the training except of the recruit training shall be given an amount not exceeding Two Hundred Rupees, as training allowance.
(12) The trainer’s allowance to be received by the trainer and guest trainer shall be as prescribed by the Ministry of Home Affairs

116. Conduct of Examination:

(1) To take examination, after the completion of training conducted pursuant to these Rules, the Inspector
General of the Armed Police or Gazetted Officer of the Armed Police designated by him or her shall constitute an examinations conduction committee.
(2) The Committee constituted pursuant to Sub-rule (1) shall have all powers to conduct the examination including the publication of results.
(3) The Committee constituted pursuant to Sub-rule (1) may depute officers of the training centre to any place to conduct the examination.
(4) The Inspector General or Gazetted Officer of the Armed Police designated by him or her shall make signature in the certificates to be given to the trainees who have been successful in the training.
(5) The trainee who has secured first position in every training shall be rewarded.
(6) The trainee who has failed in the basic or technical training of the Armed Police Officer shall once more be given an opportunity to participate in the training. In case, if he or she has failed even in that training, no appointment shall be given to such a person.
(7) A trainee who has failed in the recruit basic training of the Armed Police, his or her appointment shall be voided.
Provided that, if a trainee becomes disabled upon sustaining injury while in training or falls ill for a long time and fails the training because of that reason, a chance examination shall be given to him or her for one time, and if he or she succeeds the examination, this Subrule shall not be deemed to bar the appointing of such a candidate.

117. Nomination for the foreign training:

(1) In nominating anyGazetted Officer for a foreign training, the committee under the chairpersonship of Additional Inspector General or Deputy Inspector General of the Armed Police of the Headquarters, comprising the chief
looking after the trainings of the same office and a representative of the Ministry of Home Affairs shall select potential candidates, on the basis of seniority, experience, academic qualification, implementation of work
and ability, and submit the same to the Inspector General of the Armed Police for nomination.
(2) The Inspector General of the Armed Police shall submit the same to the Government of Nepal for the approval of nomination of the candidate as recommended pursuant to Sub-rule (1) and the candidate nominated by the Government of Nepal shall be sent for a foreign training.
(3) The Armed Police who has returned after participating in a foreign training shall have to engage in a work related with the training, for at least One year.