Chapter- 14 Miscellaneous

Chapter- 14 Miscellaneous

Chapter- 14 Miscellaneous

119. To maintain inventory book:

There shall be maintained Three inventory books for cash, goods and documents in every Armed Police
Office, and handover of charge shall be made as per the same book.

120. To notify the Records Keeping Office: In the case of new or promoted appointment, the appointing authority and authority having the power to transfer as per these Rules shall give the information of such appointment or transfer directly to the Armed Police Records  Keeping Office and give a reference copy thereof to one level higher
officer and the Headquarters.

121. Restriction on leaving the job till Five years:

(1) Any Armed Police shall not be allowed to quit the job till Five years of his or her appointment.
Provided that, if any Armed Police is compelled to quit the job due to a reasonable reason, he or she shall have to submit an application to the authority indicating the reason thereof and if the authority thinks it reasonable, he or she may permit the Armed Police to quit the job.
(2) The amount invested by the Government of Nepal in an Armed Police who has quitted the job pursuant to Sub-rule (1) shall be recovered from him or her.

122. Not to bypass the level: Any Armed Police, while making correspondence in any subject, shall not generally bypass the level.

123. Ration facility: All Armed Police including peon of the Armed Police shall be given ration facility as prescribed by the Government of Nepal.

124. Provision relating to insurance facility: The provision relating to insurance facility for the Armed Police shall be as prescribed by the Government of Nepal.

125. To maintain records of those who are ineligible to employment:
(1) If any Armed Police has been dismissed from the Armed Police Service, the authority so giving dismissal order shall have to give the information including the peculiarity with Three generations to the Commission and Records Keeping Office and the Headquarters. The Headquarters shall have to give such information to the Armed Police
Offices thereunder.
(2) Based on the information received pursuant to Sub-rule (1), the Records Keeping Office shall prepare and maintain the records of those who are ineligible to employment in the armed service due to
being dismissed.
(3) If any person whose name is included in the records prepared pursuant to Sub-rule (2) is re-appointed to the Armed Police Service or post, he or she shall be immediately dismissed, upon recovering the
salary and allowance received after such re-appointment.

126. Not to leave the area without permission: Except in the condition  of deputation for any governmental function or on leave, any Armed Police working in any governmental office shall not go to another place, leaving the area or district where his or her office is situated, without permission of the person who has authorization to grant the leave.

127. Reward: If any Armed Police performs an appreciable work in connection with the discharge of his or her duties, the following Armed Police may provide the following grade increment or lump sum amount to the Armed Police personnel of his or her office or offices thereunder:
(a) Inspector General of the Armed Police, in the case of increment of up to five grades or cash amount of up to Two Thousand Five Hundred Rupees,
(b) Additional Inspector General or Deputy Inspector General of the  Armed Police working as chief of office, in the case of increment  of up to three grades or cash amount of up to One Thousand Five Hundred Rupees,
(c) Senior Superintendent of the Armed Police or Superintendent of the Armed Police and Deputy Superintendent of the Armed Police working as chief of office, in the case of increment of up to two grades or cash amount of up to One Thousand Rupees. Provided that, in the case of reward/prize to be provided pursuant to Clause (c), the reward making office shall obtain prior approval of the Armed Police Headquarters.

128. To make hand-over: Any Armed Police who has to hand over cash, goods or documents shall have to hand over the same to the concerned Armed Police within the prescribed time limit and the receiver shall have to take over the same within the same time limit.

129. To receive full salary and allowance after reinstatement in the service: If any Armed Police gets reinstatement in the service after having voided the decision or order to remove or dismiss him or her from the service, such Armed Police shall receive full salary, allowances, ration, grade, if any, from the date of his or her removal or
dismissal from the service up to the date of reinstatement. Provided that, if any Armed Police who has been removed or dismissed from the service because of being absconded or being absent from the service is reinstated, he or she shall not be entitled to any facility for the period of his or her absconding or absence.

130. 34Powers and procedure of Armed Police Special Court: In taking action and making decision of the case on the offence to be punished pursuant to Section 27 of the Act, the Armed Police Special Court shall exercise the powers and follow the procedures as mentioned in the Special Court Act, 2031 (1974).

131. Delegation of Power: (1) The Government of Nepal may, by a Notification published in the Nepal Gazette, delegate some of the powers vested in it pursuant to these Rules to the Armed Police as prescribed in the same Notification.
33 Inserted by the Fifth Amendment.

(2) Any authority may so delegate powers vested on him or her pursuant to these Rules to the lower level Armed Police as to be exercisable at his or her general supervision.

132. Order of Armed Police: The Inspector General of Armed Police may publish such orders as may be required for the operation of day-to-day activities of the Armed Police Force. Departmental notices including those relating to the transfer, promotion and training of the Armed Police shall also be published in the order to be so published.

35132A. Formation and operation of the Armed Police Force Welfare Service Center: (1) One Armed Police Force Welfare Center may be formed under the direct control of the Armed Police Force Headquarters for the operation and management of benevolent and creative activities, honor of those incumbent and former employees who do significant work, physical and mental development of the Armed Police, sports and entertainment, medical treatment of employees and their families.
(2) The Armed Police Force Welfare Center formed pursuant to Sub-rule (1) shall be operated in accordance with the procedures approved by the Government of Nepal, on the recommendation of the Armed Police Force Headquarters.

133. Power to make alteration in Schedules: The Government of Nepal may, by a Notification published in the Nepal Gazette, alter the Schedules of these Rules as per necessity.

134. Saving: Other service facility including carrier development made while remaining in the previous post by any Armed Police transferred to this Armed Police service from other governmental service pursuant to the
Act shall be added in the service pursuant to these Rules.
34 Amended by the Fifth Amendment.
35 Inserted by the Fifth Amendment.

135. Repeal

: (1) The Armed Police Rules, 2057 is, hereby, repealed. (2) Any acts and action done and taken pursuant to the Armed Police Rules, 2057 shall be deemed to have been done and taken pursuant to these Rules.