7. Procedures for Examination

7. Procedures for Examination:

(1) The procedures for examination of the livestock, livestock product or the livestock product materials kept in the
quarantine shall be as follows:

a) Procedures for Examination of Animal (1) To conduct physical inspection and clinical examinations.

(2) To conduct laboratory examination as per the needs.
(3) In case of doubt of infectious disease, the other procedures or techniques of examination of disease
may also be used.
(b) Procedures of Examination of products of Animal Origin Livestock Product Materials.

(1) To examine whether or not the physical condition is as same as stipulated in the certificate issued from
the exporting country;

2) To examine whether or not the weight, packing, label and seal are accurate;

3) In case of the materials not sealed or not properly sealed:

(i) To examine the smell, color and conditions of the materials,
(ii) To identify the humus, elements of infection and the changed symbol;
(iii) To identify whether or not kept in appropriate temperature for adequate time.

(2) While collecting the sample for examination pursuant to Clause (b) of Sub-rule (1), the sample shall be collected form ten per cent of the packages and parcels.Provided that, the Quarantine Officer may, if he deems necessary,
examine the samples from more packages and parcels than those referred to above.
(3) In the case where the result of the clinical examination of any animals, product of animal origin or livestock product materials could not be immediately available and there is no chance of causing direct adverse impact
on the pubic health or animal health from such animals, product of animal origin or livestock product materials, the animals, product of animal origin or livestock product material belonging to that shipment shall be released upon
collection of their samples and with a condition of restriction on the sale or distribution by the importer of such animals, product of animal origin or livestock products materials unless the report of the clinical examination is
made available and the stamp is affixed noting down the same content.