10. Quarantine Certificate

10. Quarantine Certificate:

(1) The Quarantine officer shall, upon completion of the quarantine process for the animal, products of animal origin or livestock product materials to be imported, make available a Quarantine Certificate in the format referred to in Schedule-2 to the concerned person, as soon as possible.

(2) While exporting the following animals, the product of animal origin or livestock product materials, the Veterinary Officer designated by the Quarantine Officer or by the Department shall have to make available the Health or Sanitary Certificate in the format of the following forms referred to in Schedule-3:

(a) For Dogs and Cats Form-1
(b) For domestic and wild animals Form-2
© (c) For semen of animals Form-3
(d) For meat of animals Form-4
(e) For animal feeds and the products of animal origin which
are to be used for industrial or medical purpose Form-5
(f) For equines Form-6
(g) For avian Form-7
(h) For eggs, day-old chicks, other newly-hatched avian species and hatching eggs Form-8.

3) The certificate issued pursuant to Sub-rule (2) shall be valid for ten days from the date of issue.