11. Auction Sale May be made

11. Auction Sale May be made:

(1) The animals, products of animal origin and livestock product materials confiscated pursuant to Sub-rule (7) of Rule 6 may be auctioned by the Quarantine Officer.

2) While auctioning pursuant to Sub-rule (1), the Quarantine Officer s shall have to publish a notification specifying the time- limit from seven days  to fifteen days having stated the following matters:

(a) Details of animal products of animal origin or livestock products materials.

(b) Minimum price,

(c ) Date, time and place of action,

(d) The condition of case deposit of five percent of the quoted
price accepted for auction,

(e) Other necessary matters.

(3) In order to fix the minimum price pursuant to close (b) of Sub-rule
(2) there shall be a price Fixation committee as follows:
(a) Quarantine officer -Chairperson
(b) Represented District Administration -Member

Officer or Customs Office
(c) Represented Office of controller of
Fund and Accounts -Member
(4) If the animal, Product of animal origin or livestock Products materials accepted in the auction have not been removed upon payment of the agreed full amount within the prescribed time limit, the deposit amount may be
confiscated and those items may be re-auctioned.

(5) While auctioning, if the minimum price not been accepted, the items shall be reauctioned. In such reauction, if the amount less than ten Percent of minimum price has been accepted, auction sale may be carried out. If the
auction couldn’t be carried out even in this way, the Quarantine Officer may  directly sale the items at the presence of the representatives of the District Administration Office or Customs Office and of the office of the controller of
the Funds and Accounts