19. Functions, Duties and Powers of Veterinary Inspector:

19. Functions, Duties and Powers of Veterinary Inspector:

19. Functions, Duties and Powers of Veterinary Inspector:

The functions, duties and powers of the Veterinary Inspector shall be as follows:
(a) To examine the quality standard of the veterinary medicine or biological product or to collect the samples for examination and to forward them to the Department;

(b) If the date-expired veterinary medicine or biological products have been found, to forward them to the Department for necessary actions;

(c) To examine whether or not the veterinary medicine or biological products have been distributed by the authorized person and to inform the Department on the same;

(d) To examine whether or not any professional firm has vaccinated the animals in regular manner or whether or not the biological safety measures have been taken;

(e) While examining pursuant to Clause (d), if any animal is found to have been caught by any disease or if there is doubt of the same, to dispose of such animal or to order to keep it separately or to restrict the sale or
distribution thereof, and to provide information of the same to the Department;

(f) If a letter of recommendation or license has been provided by the Department under this Regulation, to inspect whether or not the works have been carried out pursuant to the letter or license and to submit the recommendation or the same to the Department;

(g) To collect suggestions as to the animal breed improvement at the field  level an send them to the Department;

(h) To cause to be carried out the task of sterilizing the male animals of the regions wherein animal breed improvement scheme has been introduced;

(i) To publicize information on animal breed improvement, to raise public awareness on the same;

(j) To monitor whether or not the species and semen of the animals have used as per the recommendation in order to improve animal’s breed;

(k) To carry out or cause to be carried out such other functions as the Department may prescribe.