Schedule-1 (c)

Schedule-1 (c)
(Relating to Rule 3)
Application for radio machine other than satellite receiving system or
satellite communication system (earth station), cordless telephone and
amateur radio control operator or amateur radio director
To, ……………………
I, hereby, make a request, setting out the following details, and
accompanied also by duplicate copies of the pro forma invoice and technical
specification, for the license of radio machine in order to hold and use the
following radio machine.
1. Objectives and reasons for using the radio machine:-
2. Place of use:-
3. Frequency to be used:-
4. Estimated date for use:-
5. Details of the radio machine:-
(a) Manufacturer:-
(b) Model No.:-
(c) Serial No. etc:-
6. Type of station:-
7. Type of system to be used:-
8. Time of use:-
9. Other details:-