Chapter – 2

Chapter – 2
Provisions on National Parks and Reserves
3. Services to be operated in a National Parks or a Reserve: (1) If
the Government of Nepal desires to operate any services from any body
pursuant to Section 6 of the Act, a notice mentioning the necessary
details of such services or facility and all the matters about the terms and
conditions of the operation shall be published providing at least 35 days
of time period to submit the shield tender in the major newspapers and
in such tender notice the office or officer to whom the shield tender has
to be submitted and the time of opening of the tender also shall be
(2) If the Government of Nepal has realized that the tenders
received within the time period pursuant to Sub-rule (1) are not lawful
or satisfactory it may republish a notice requesting for another tender.
(3) Among the tenders submitted pursuant to Sub-rule (1) or (2),
the tender that has bid the highest royalty shall be accepted.
Provided that, in any special circumstances the tender may also
be accepted that bid the lower royalty and in such circumstances the

Amended by Third Amendment.
officer accepting the tender shall mention the reason for such
(4) The person promising to operate any services or facilities
within the National Park or Reserve shall take the approval of the
Government of Nepal while conducting any type of construction work
for operating such service or facility by preparing a detail project of
such construction work.
4. Entry into Preserved Natural Reserve: (1) Except than the
Government Employees deputed for the duty, the other person shall not
be allowed to enter into the preserved National Reserve without
receiving the written permission from the chief and generally such
permit shall be provided only for a scientific research.
(2) The terms and conditions to be followed by a person receiving
the permit as pursuant to Sub-rule (1) and the period of validity of such
permit shall be as prescribed in that permit.