Chapter – 3

Chapter – 3
Provisions on Hunting
5. Hunting to be prohibited: Any person even receiving a license shall
not hunt any wildlife or birds in the following situations :
(a) If the female is pregnant or with newly born (young) offsprings,
(b) During the restricted period for hunting,
(c) In the night time.
Explanation :– For the purpose of this Rule “night time” means
the time after the half an hour of sunset to before the half an hour
of sunrise.
6. Prohibited techniques for hunting: (1) Without the written order of
the Chief any person shall not hunt a wildlife or birds by using the
following techniques :–
(a) Waiting (prowling) in the place used for drinking water, licking
salt or soil or taking a bath,
(b) Using any type of trap like darjan, damal (tying Rope), Jaal
(Net), Dharap (obstacles), Khor (cage) or Paso (hanging rope),
(c) Feeding poison or tranquilizing drugs,
(d) Using poisonous arms and ammunition,
(e) Tuning (blowing) leaves or calling with artificial mimetic voice
or playing tape-recorder,
(f) Waiting (prowling) in nest or abode,
(g) Lighting torch or lights,
(h) Making a scaffold or a hiding place to mislead the animal,
(i) Riding in a motor car, jeep, truck, lorry, tractor, airplane,
helicopter etc.,
(j) Setting fire in any type of grass or forest with the motive of
(k) Taking the help of a dog in hunting a wildlife or taking the help
of a domestic bird for the huntings of birds.
(2) In the situation of killing a mad elephant or a man eater tiger
or leopard, any technique except than the technique in clause (j) of Subrule
(1) may be followed.
7. The Arms and ammunitions which are not to be allowed to use
for hunting: The following arms and ammunitions have been
prohibited to use in the following type of hunting :–
(a) In all types of hunting :

(1) Automatic Rifle or any type of weapon which fires
multiple (more than one) bullets in the single click of a
(2) Ammunitions with poisonous materials or explosives
(firing) bomb.
(3) A gun which has assembled with a silencer.
(b) In the hunting of other wild animals except than the hare (Rabbit)
and other similar animals or birds :–
(1) A Rim fire Rifle of 22 bore,
(2) An Air gun or a carbon dioxide gun,
(3) All types of Pistol or Revolver.
(c) In the hunting of any other type of wild animals except than the
Rhesus Macaque (laguna), Barking deer (Red deer), Goral
(Ghoral), Wild Boar (Banel) and birds :–
(1) Any type of Shotgun
(2) Fire (Bharuwa) Gun
(3) A rifle with a smaller bore than 2
22 bore or lesser power
than that.