Chapter – 5

Chapter – 5
28. Hunting Register: Each hunting license shall consist a hunting
register in which the full and accurate record of all wildlife and birds
that has been injured or killed by the licensee during the course of
hunting shall be mentioned. The place, date, species, male, female (for
wildlife only) of each wildlife or birds, that has been killed shall be
clearly mentioned with the permanent ink in the hunting register
pursuant to Schedule -12 and within the twelve hours of the killing of
the animal or birds or prior to leaving the hunting reserve.
29. The wildlife killed in excess to the prescribed type or number
to be submitted: If any wildlife or birds of different types than the
type that has to be allowed to hunt as according to the obtained license
or excess in number than the number that has to be allowed to hunt has
been killed or injured by accident, during the hunting by a person then
the number and type of such injured or killed wildlife or birds shall be
mentioned in his/her hunting register and the killed wildlife or birds that
has been collected, shall be submitted to the 11same reserve or nearby
forest office.
1229.A. License to catch the wild boar: (1) If any Nepalese citizen has
submitted an application to catch the cub of wild boar from other area
than the area of a National Park or a Reserve, the concerned D.F.O. or
Chief may issue a license in the format prescribed in Schedule -12A, by
taking 13One hundred Rupees fee for each cubs of wild boar from such
(2) The wild boar to be caught as pursuant to the license shall not
be allowed for export.
(3) If a wild boar has died while catching in accordance with the
license, no other wild boar shall be allowed to be caught instead of that
14(4) …………………
30. For the export, import or trade of the trophy a
recommendation has to be obtained: (1) While submitting an
application to obtain a written recommendation of the Government of

11 Inserted by Third Amendment.
12 Amended by Second Amendment.
13 Amended by Third Amendment.
14 Deleted by the Third Amendment.
Nepal, Ministry of Forest for the purpose of commercial export or
import of the trophy, the evidence for the trophy, name of the concerned
company, institution or person from the importing country of such
trophy and the copy of the exchanged documents related to it also shall
be submitted.
(2) If the person asking for the recommendation pursuant to Subrule
(1) has been seen capable for the export or import of the trophies,
the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Forest shall issue a
recommendation letter as pursuant to Schedule – 13 by taking the
required fees as pursuant to Schedule -1.
31. The transit route for export import may be prescribed: The
Government of Nepal may allow to export or import of the trophies only
through the custom (transit) prescribed by publishing a notice in the
Nepal Gazette and if such prescription has been made, the person having
the license for the export or import of trophies shall export or import of
the trophy only through that custom (transit).
32. Transfer of trophy: Any person while selling or exchanging or
making any type of transfer of title of any trophy that has been
possessed by him/her as pursuant to Section 19 of the Act, shall also
hand over the certificate of ownership of such trophy to the person
receiving such trophy.
1533. Certificate of legal ownership: (1) The person who has to obtain the
certificate of trophy pursuant to Sub-section (1) of Section 18 of the Act
shall obtain the legal certificate of the trophy by submitting an
application in the format as prescribed in Schedule -14 with the evidence
of received of the trophy prior to the commencement of the Act, before

15 Amended by First Amendment.
The authorized officer pursuant to Sub-rule (2) 16within the last date
(Masant) of Poush, 2036.
(2) The certificate of the trophy issuing officer as pursuant to
Sub-rule (1) shall be the following official for the following region :–
(a) For the districts within the Kathmandu Valley, the
Chief of the National Parks and Wildlife Reserve
(b) For other districts, the Conservator or D.F.O. of the
concerned district,
(c) For the districts which does not fall under the
jurisdiction of any conservator or D.F.O., the chief
District Officer of the concerned district.
(3) The certificate pursuant to Sub-section (2) of Section 17 and
Sub-section (1) of Section 18 shall be issued in the format prescribed in
the Schedule -15.
(4) The authorized official responsible to issue the legal
ownership certificate pursuant to Sub-rule (3) shall stamp (seal) of
his/her office in all the trophies and the detail of such stamp (seal) or
proof (sign) shall also be mentioned in the legal certificate of ownership.
34. The injured wildlife also be counted in the number to be
hunted: If the licensee injured to the wildlife during the hunting, it
shall be killed by finding out as early as possible and the detail of such
injured wildlife shall be mentioned in his/her hunting register.
Provided that,
Even if the wounded wildlife has not been traced (founded), it
shall be counted in the number of wildlife that has to be hunted by the

16 Amended by Third Amendment.
35. Notice to be given: (1) While hunting, if someone has not been able to
kill any ferocious wildlife by making them wounded then a notice shall
be given as early as possible to 17the reserve or the nearby forest office
mentioning the types of such wildlife and any other details, if available,
and 18in such circumstances the concerned reserve or forest office shall
also notify to the residents of all surrounding villages or towns to be
careful of such wildlife.
(2) If any wildlife has been wounded or died while using the arms
and ammunitions by someone for the protection of him/her self or any
other person or any domestic animal as pursuant to Section 21 of the
Act, it’s notice shall be given to the 19chief of the any nearby office of
the National Parks or Reserve or Forest Office in the districts where
such office exists and within the twenty four hours except than the
required time for travel.
36. Any wildlife or birds may be declared dangerous:
Notwithstanding anything mentioned above in the Rules, the
Government of Nepal, Ministry of Forest and Land Conservation may
declare any other wildlife or birds, except than those wildlife and birds
mentioned in Schedule -1 of the Act, as a dangerous (harmful) to the
agriculture in any particular area for a particular period of time, by
publishing a notice in Nepal Gazette and the wildlife or birds, and such
declared dangerous wildlife or birds may be chased, caught or killed in
the field, farm or garden even without a license and under the terms and
restrictions prescribed in that notice.
37. The amendment may be made on Schedule: The Government of
Nepal if deemed necessary may make amendment in the Schedule of the
Rules, by publishing notice in the Nepal Gazette.

17 Inserted by Third Amendment.
18 Inserted by Third Amendment.
19 Inserted by Third Amendment.
2038. Adjudicating Authority: (1) The warden of the concerned National
Park or Reserve shall have the power to adjudicate the cases of the
offenses under the Rules and for other territory (area) it shall have to the
concerned District Forest Controller.
(2) Without any adverse effect on the general validity of Sub-rule
(1), the power to adjudicate the cases of the following offenses shall be
on the assistant warden of the concerned National Park or Reserve and
in his/her absence or unavailability, it shall be on the area forest
(a) If entered in the National Park or Reserve without a
(b) If killed, caught or wounded wildlife has not been
mentioned in the hunting register,
(c) If played hunting without keeping the license
together with him/herself,
(d) If the camp established in another place other than
the place prescribed,
(e) If violated any terms and conditions prescribed in
the hunting license,
(f) If a plant or tree, up to the value of five hundred
rupees, has been cut, fell down or destroyed in any
way within the National Park or Reserve.
39. Repeal: Hunting Rules, 2026 has been repealed.
Note: 1. Backlog cases to be transferred: The cases that have been
registered before the Conservator and Chief District Officer
under the original Rules and remaining to be decided at the
time of commencement of these Rules shall be transferred
before (to) the D.F.O. (District Forest Officer) after the

20 Inserted by Third Amendment.
commencement of these Rules. (As according to the Rule 6 of
Second Amendment)
2. Alteration: In place of the following words, which has been
used in the original Rules by the third amendment, alteration
has been made by inserting the following words:-
(a) Instead of “Ministry of Forest”, “Ministry of Forests and
Soil Conservation”.
(b) Instead of “National Park and Wildlife Conservation
Office”, “National Park and Wildlife Conservation
(c) Instead of “D.F.O.”, “District Forest Controller”.
(d) Instead of “Ranger”, “Area Forest Conservator”