Chapter- 1

Chapter- 1
1. Short title and commencement: – (1) These Rules may be called as “Nepal
Medical Council Rules, 2024 (1964.)”
(2) These Rules shall come into force immediately.
2. Definition: Unless the subject or context otherwise requires, in these Rules,-
(a) “Act” means the Nepal Medical Council Act, 2020 (1964).
(b) “Registration” means registration to be made in the register in which the
names of medical practitioners are registered under the Act.
(c) “Permanent registration” means the permanent registration to be made
under these Rules.
 (d) “Temporary registration” means the temporary registration to be made
pursuant to Sub-sections (2) of Section 14 of the Act.
(e) “Trial Registration” means registration to be made for a period of one
(f) “Specialist registration” means registration of the persons who have
acquired a Master’s Degree or Diploma (Post Graduate Degree,
Diploma) in modern medical sciences.

 Amended by Third Amendment.
Amended by First Amendment.
Amended by Second Amendment
(g) “Qualification” means the Degree, Diploma, Certificate, license or
honours to which Government of Nepal has granted recognition as per
the Schedule of the Act by the Government of Nepal for registration of
name in register.
(h) ………
(i) “University” means a university established and operated under the
prevailing laws with medical faculty or an educational institution
equivalent to that.
(j) “Faculty” means all department of subjects in which courses of medical
sciences are proposed to be conducted or a body established to
formulate academic policy on that subject consisting of specialists of
that subject.