Chapter – 2

Chapter – 2 Provisions relating to Qualifications of Chairperson and
3. Qualifications of Chairperson and Member:

In order to be the Chairperson and Member of the Authority, one should be a Nepalese citizen, who has obtain a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university in a area pursuant to Sub-section (1) of Section 5 of the Act
and worked at least Fifteen years in the case of Chairperson, and for at least ten years in the case of Member in the concerned area.
4. Functions, Duties and Powers of the Chairperson:

The functions, duties and powers of the Chairperson shall be as follows:
(a) To act as the administrative head of the Authority,
(b) To formulate and cause to formulate annual plans and programmes of the Authority and submit at the meeting of the Authority.
(c) To look after and control the fund of the Authority,
(d) To take care of and maintain and cause to take care of and maintain the property of the Authority,
(e) To act as a liaison officer between the Authority and Government of Nepal and other organizations,
(f) To perform and cause to perform other functions delegated by the Authority under to the Act or these Rules.

5. Remuneration, Facilities and other Conditions of Service of the

The remuneration, facilities and other terms of service of the Chairperson shall be as prescribed in the Bye-law to be framed under the Act and these Rules; and until the framing of the Bye-law, the remuneration, facilities and other conditions of service of the Chairperson shall be as prescribed by Government of Nepal.

6. Meeting Allowance:

The Chairperson and Members shall obtain a meeting allowance in such sum as prescribed by the Ministry for taking
part in each meeting of the Authority.