Chapter – 5 

Chapter – 5 Terms to be Abided by Licensee
15. Terms to be Abided by Licensee:

(1) The Licensee shall have to abide by the following terms, in addition to the terms set forth in the
Act and these Rules:-
(a) To provide telecommunication service to the customers by using machine and equipment on telecommunication of the quality standard specified by the Authority.
(b) To operate telecommunication service in accordance with the minimum standard specified by the Authority from time to time.
(c) Not to use the telecommunication machine and equipment installed by another Licensee without the
consent of such Licensee.
(d) Not to distribute telecommunication lines through electric poles as far as possible, and even if the lines
are to be so distributed, to distribute them by  obtaining approval of the concerned body and only in a manner that it is safe from the electricity.
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(f) To provide the telecommunication service in conformity with the agreement made with the customer, while distributing the telecommunication service to the customer.
(g) To operate telecommunication service by using only the frequency specified in the License for the
telecommunication service in which frequency is used.

(h) If the telecommunication service provided to the customer suffers disorder due to any reason, to repair
and maintain it free of cost in conformity with the standards prescribed by the Authority.
(i) To publish materials on telecommunication, including telephone directory for the convenience
and information of the customers.
(j) To operate the telecommunication service in conformity with the minimum standards prescribed
by the International Telecommunication Union (I.T.U.) regarding the operation of the telecommunication service.
(2) The terms other than pursuant to Sub-rule (1) required to be abided by the Licensee in operating the telecommunication service shall be as prescribed in the License.