Schedule – 2

Schedule – 2 (Relating to Sub-rule (3) of Rule 7)
Application to be Submitted for Obtaining a License
The Nepal Telecommunication Authority,
… … … … … … … … … …
I, hereby, submit an application to obtain the License to operate the telecommunication service pursuant to the Telecommunication Act, 2053 (1997) and the Telecommunication Rules, 2054 (1998) setting out the following details while by obtaining the License from Government of Nepal:
1. Person wishing to obtain License:
(a) Name:
(b) Address:
2. Telecommunication service being operated:
(a) Types:
(b) Date of operation:
3. Incurred in the operation of the telecommunication service,
(a) Proposed investment:
(b) Source of investment:
4. Telecommunication system’s:
(a) Manufacturer:
(b) Country of import:
(c) Quality standards:
5. Frequency used:
6. Details of annual profit/loss etc. to be earned or incurred while
operating the telecommunication service:
(a) Approximate operation expenses:
(b) Approximate income:
(c) Account of Profit/Loss:
(d) Tariff rate:
7. Documents attached with the application:
(a) Copy of the License obtained before:
(b) Other necessary documents:
Seal of corporate body Applicant’s: