Chapter-3 Registration
27. Procedure to be followed during registration:

(1) While registering a postal
article, the additional charge for registration must be paid in advance through  postage stamp. Any postal article may be registered in a post office prescribed by the Director General as published in the Nepal Gazette from time to time and may be sent for delivery to a domestic post office or to any country in the world:
(2) A postal article must be submitted for registration at a post office counter published in the Nepal Gazette from time to time. A postal article without sufficient space for the post office for affixing a label or other symbol or account
of having affixed too many stamps or wax seals or other written matter shall not be registered. On the top front of the article to be registered should be written  “Registry”.
(3) Any postal article where the full names and addresses of the sender and addressee are not written clearly may not be registered.
(4) The person bringing in for registration articles at the counter of the post office within the time for registry as prescribed by the Regional Postal Directorate shall be provided with separate receipts for separate articles.

(5) Any registered article shall not be delivered until the addressee or person authorized by the same signs the receipt in a full and clearly understandable manner.
28. Regarding Return Receipt:

(1) The sender should write the names and addresses of the addressee and the sender in the form prescribed by the Director General and submit it by affixing postage stamp for an additional return receipt charge over and above the postal and registry charge. Upon acceptance of the postal articles and after having the receipt signed by the addressee, this receipt shall be returned to the sender. Such return receipt must be securely attached to the
concerned article and on the top of the front portion of the article containing the return receipt should be written the words “Return Receipt.”
(2) In case the sender of a registered article needs to acquire the receipt signed by the addressee, in order to ascertain whether it has been received, if an application is submitted within Six months of the registration by affixing postage
stamp for query fee, the concerned post office shall make available to the sender the receipt containing the date on which the article was received together with the signature of the addressee.
(3) Postal article prescribed by these Rules to be accompanied by a return receipt shall not be registered if not received with the return receipt.

29. Articles for which registration is compulsory:
(a) It is compulsory that registration be done for the following postal articles:
(1) Article in which “Registry” has been written in the front, but in the case of articles already delivered but resubmitted to the post office, the postal article shall be delivered to the addressee upon appropriation of the registration fee as if it were registered for the first time.
(2) Parcels
(3) Insured article
(4) Articles requiring a Custom Declaration Form
(5) Check, Hundi, and invoice (bill) enclosed articles
(b) In case the articles that must be registered pursuant to Clause (a) have been not registered, two times the equivalent of the registration charge shall be appropriated from the addressee taking the delivery or sender.

30. Registered postal items to be sent to a foreign country: While registering postal articles to be sent abroad, the provisions of this chapter shall apply.

30a. Enquiry of Registry and Compensation :

(1) In case a registry could not be received by the addressee within a reasonable time period, the sender may apply
by affixing a query charge postage stamp to the concerned post office or the Regional Postal Directorate within Six months of registration if the registry was sent within Nepal and within one year if such item was sent abroad for searching and finding.
(2) In case, an application is filed within the deadline pursuant to Sub-rule
(1) for a domestic registry, it shall be enquired by filling up form C9 as per the convention of the World Postal Association.
(3) In case it has been proved that the registry has been lost, compensation  shall be provided to the sender up to a value of Three Hundred Rupees for domestic registry and as prescribed by the convention of the World Postal Association for foreign registry. However, in case the sender wishes to give the compensation amount to the addressee, it shall be so given.
(4) In case, the lost registry is found after the payment of compensation, a notice thereof shall be issued to the addressee and sender to deliver the registry as it has been found. If the addressee or sender approaches to get back such registry the compensation amount received earlier shall be paid back.

31. The Postal Services Department not to accept liability: No action shall be taken under the following circumstances:
(1) If no enquiry is made in the case of domestically registered postal article within Six months and One year for foreign bound postal article, or
(2) In case damage or loss is caused due to the sender’s negligence or fault or items prohibited by the post office are dispatched by registry, or
(3) If the item put in the registry is liquid in nature (Jholilo), quickly perishable and specially easily breakable, or
(4) No liability shall be borne for registered article sent abroad under the following circumstances:
(a) Articles prohibited for delivery in the country of the post of destination, or
(b) In case the article has been delivered within the enquiry period as per the postal Rules of the post of the country of destination.
(c) In case of loss or damage or failure to deliver owing to circumstances beyond control (force majeure).