Chapter-5 Postal Order
40. (1) In order to provide the facilities of exchanging (sending and receiving) some money, the post office shall bring into practice an order with a detachable half portion.
The Postal Order shall be as follows:
0.50 paisa 5.00 Five Rupees
1.00 One Rupees 10.00 Ten Rupees
2.00 Two Rupees 20.00 Twenty Rupees
(2) …………
41. Sale and Payment of Postal Order:

Keeping the balance of Postal Order, in the post office selling it to the common people and the method of its payment, and the post offices that may sell or pay postal order shall be as prescribed by the Director General by publishing a Notification in the Nepal Gazette, from time to time.

42. After any postal order has been sold by the post office and if it is not submitted for payment to the post office, a second commission shall be levied at a rate pursuant to Sub-Rule (2) of Rule 40, and this commission shall be paid by affixing postage  Published in the Nepal Gazette in 2030.6.15 (1 Oct. 1973) stamp at the back of the Postal Order. A postal order brought Twelve months after the last day of the month of sale for payment shall not be paid.

43. If it is desired to return the value of Postal Order, the Postal Order upon submission to the office where it was bought within Six months of the last day of the month when it was sold, the value shall be returned without charging a commission. If the Postal Order has elapsed for a period of Six months from the last day of the month of sale, but the second commission has been paid, the value without the commission may be retrieved within Twelve months.

44. In order to obtain payment for the postal order through a bank, it should be crossed. If it is desired to obtain payment from a post office, the cross should be cut and the words “Please give payment in cash” should be written in the front and signed.

45. Once payment for a Postal Order has been made to anyone, the post office shall not be responsible for any one else coming to make a claim for more.

46. Except as provided in Rule 44, if any correction or change has been made in the Postal Order, or if there is no signature of the Chief of the post office, or there is no seal of the post office or if the postal order has been cut, cancelled or distorted, such Postal Order shall not be paid.