Chapter- 6

Chapter- 6 Returned Letter Section
47. The location of the Returned Letter Section shall be as prescribed by the Director General by publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazette.

48. Period of retention of postal article in the Returned Letter Section:

(a) In case the postal article received by the Returned Letter Section has not been settled pursuant to Section 35 of the Act, the following should be done pursuant to the proviso (b) of Section 36:
(1) Letter, postal letter or aerogramme that has not been delivered shall be incinerated after retaining for up to Thirty One days.
(2) Undelivered registry letters shall be incinerated after retaining for up to Ninety One days.
(3) The packets of valueless newsprint such as business circulars, advertisement shall be sold as waste paper.
(4) Other packets and daily newspaper/magazine shall be retained for Thirty One days if un-registered and if
registered, shall be retained for up to Ninety One days and then disposed of by selling or burning or as prescribed by the Director General.
(5) Other newspapers/magazines shall be disposed of as directed by the Director General.
(6) The list of postal articles for which a retention period is prescribed shall be pasted on the notice board.
(b) Unresolved parcels pursuant to Section 35 of the Act shall be retained for Ninety One days pursuant to the proviso of Section 36 and settled as directed by the Director General.

49. In case, a postal article received from a foreign post can not be settled pursuant to Section 35 of the Act, upon clarifying the reason for non-delivery and stamping it, the same shall be returned to the country of origin.

50. A postal article in which the address of the sender or addressee is not written clearly, or for some reason, the sender or addressee cannot be traced should be sent to the returned letter section. In case someone suspects that some postal article meant for delivery to oneself has not been able to be delivered on account of an incomplete address, enquiry may be made in writing to the Returned Letter Section.