Chapter – 1

Chapter – 1 Short Title and Commencement
1. Short Title & Commencement :

(1) These processes may be called “Safe Abortion Service Process, 2060”.
(2) These processes shall come into force immediately.

2. Definition : Unless the subject or context otherwise requires in these Processes.
(a) “Safe Abortion” means the safe abortion that has not been considered as an intended abortion as pursuant to no. 28b. of Section on homicide of Muluki Ain (National Code).
(b) “Service” means Safe Abortion Service that has been provided pursuant to these process subject to the provisions mentioned in no. 28b. of Section on homicide of Muluki Ain (National Code).
(c) “Doctors” means the doctors who are listed pursuant to Section 3 after being registered their name in the Nepal Medical Council which has been constituted (established) pursuant to Medical Council Act, 2020.
(d) “Health Workers” means the health workers listed pursuant to  Section 3 after being registered their name in the concerned vocational council related to Health Services, which has been established pursuant to the prevailing laws.
(e) “Health Institution” means the health institution listed pursuant to Section 5 after being established pursuant to prevailing law with the objective to provide the health services and the words also refers to the place where such health institution provides it’s services.
(f) “Roster” means the list prepared pursuant to Schedule 2 and 5 for listing the name of doctors, health workers and health institutions.
(g) “Close Kin” means the husband, mother, father, mother in law, father in law, adult elder brother, younger brother, elder sister, younger sister, son, daughter, son in law, daughter in law, uncle, aunty, maternal uncle, maternal aunty etc. of the pregnant woman and the word also refers to the immediate (contemporary)
(h) “Department” means Department of Health of Government of Nepal.
(i) “Director General” means Director General of the Department.
(j) “Related Officer” means the Director or the Officer assigned by him or the chief of the District Health Office.
(k) “Committee” means Safe Abortion Service Consulting Committee established (constituted) pursuant to Section 13.