Chapter – 4

Chapter – 4
Safe Abortion Service Advisory Committee
13. Safe Abortion Service Advisory Committee :

(1) The safe abortion service advisory committee consisting the following chairperson and members has been constituted to provide the necessary advice to the  Government of Nepal in safe abortion service:-
(a) Director General, Department of Health – Chairperson
(b) Representative, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare – Member
(c) Representative, Nepal Medical  Council – Member
(d) Representative, Nepal Nursing Council – Member
(e) Representative, Nepal Health Professionals council – Member
(f) Senior Surgeon, appointed by Government of Nepal – Member
(g) Director, Sri Panch Indra Rajya Laxmi Paropakar Prasuti Grih (Maternity Home) – Member
(h) Representative, National Women Commission – Member
(i) Chairperson, Private Nursing Home Association – Member
(j) Chairperson, Gynecologist Association – Member
(k) Representative, NGO appointed by Government of Nepal out of the Non-Governmental Organizations working in the women and safe abortion service area – Member
(l) Legal officer, Ministry of Health – Member
(m) Director, Family Health Department, Department of Health – Member Secretory
(2) Committee may invite any specialist as a member in the committee meeting as per the necessity.
(3) The procedure of the meeting of the committee shall be as determined by the committee itself.
(4) The function of the secretariat of the committee shall be performed by the family health division of the department.
(5) The functions, duties and power of the committee shall be as following :–
(a) To provide necessary advice, suggestion and recommendation to the Government of Nepal in preparing policy, plan and program related to the safe abortion service,
(b) To play the role of facilitator by coordinating the relationship between Non-governmental sector and
private sector for the operation of safe abortion service in simple and easy way,
(c) To perform any other function as prescribed by the Government of Nepal.
(6) The committee may constitute the required number of subcommittees also consisting the specialists, in performing it’s duty. The functions, duty and power and procedure of such sub-committee shall be as determined by the committee.