Chapter – 5

Chapter – 5  Miscelleneous
14. Service charge:

(1) The Health Institution, Doctor or Health Worker may take the service charge from the persons receiving the service for providing the safe abortion service.
(2) All the health institutions shall keep the rate of service charge that has been taken pursuant to Sub-section (1), in the place that has been seen by all.

15. Report to be submitted :

(1) Every year the department shall submit the details in the committee preparing it on basis of the received records
received from the health institutions pursuant to Sub-section (3) of Section-12.
(2) The committee shall submit a detailed report to the Ministry of Health, after preparing it by analyzing the data mentioned in the received report from the department pursuant to Sub-section (1) and also incorporating the analysis of the major problems and strategies that has to be followed to solve the problems.

16. Saving :

Any type of action shall not be taken and no punishment shall be made against the health worker, doctor or health institution for any service provided by them with good faith.

17. Power to amendment the schedule :

Ministry of Health may make alteration and change in the schedule of these processes as per the need by publishing a notice in Nepal Gazette.