Schedule – 7

Schedule – 7
(Related to Sub-section (1) of Section 9)
Format of the Advice (opinion) prescribed by a Doctor
1. Details of the women who has to make abortion :-
(a) Name and surname :-
(b) Age :-
(c) Address :-
(d) Name and surname of nearest kin :-
(e) Relationship :-
On making the examination of the above, mentioned patient, it has been
observed that the risk in the life of the pregnant woman / the health of the
pregnant woman may physically or mentally damage / children with disability
may born, so it has been advised pursuant to Sub-section (1) of Section (9) of
Safe Abortion Service Processes, 2060 to make safe abortion.
Doctor’s Signature
Date :–
Doctor’s Name :–
Nepal Medical council Registration No. :–
Name of present employee :–