Chapter- 3

Chapter- 3  Miscellaneous

13. Other Conditions and Facilities:

(1) The terms and conditions and  facilities of the personnel other than written in Chapter – 2 shall be as set
forth in the Civil Service Act, 2049 (1993) and the Civil Service Rules,  2050 (1993).
(2) The Secretary, while making decision in regard to providing the given facilities under sub-rule (1) shall have to make decision only ascertaining the fact after tallying the records and documents whether  the personnel has enjoyed such facility earlier or not.
(3) The officer under sub-rule (1) of rule 6 shall have  responsibility to make available the relevant documents and details  including the sheet-roll of the concerned personnel in course of making  decision under sub-rule (2).

14. Necessary Arrangement May be Made:

The Government of Nepal,  in case of any obstruction to implement these Rules, may make  necessary arrangement.

15. Saving:

Function and actions done and taken under the Royal Palace  Service Act, 2029 (1972) and the Rules enacted under the said Act shall  be deemed of being done and taken under these very Rules.