Schedule- 2

Schedule- 2
(Relating to sub-rule (2) of Rule 6)
Format of Oath
I, …………………… , hereby, swear in the name of God that I, as an  employee of Government of Nepal, shall discharge the duties assigned to me faithfully to the best of my knowledge and wisdom, by being disciplined and  loyal to the country and the government, subject to the prevailing law without fear, partiality or favor, malice or greed, and that I shall not disclose to any one  other than the authorized person any governmental secrecy related with the  service which is known to me either directly or indirectly at any time,  irrespective of whether or not I remain in the service.
Oath taking employee’s: Oath taking certifying authority’s:
(a) Name: (a) Name:
(b) Signature: (b) Signature:
(c) Date: (c) Date:
(d) Service: (d) Designation:
(e) Class: (e) Office: